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Forscore and several years ago......

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  • Forscore and several years ago......

    Forescore and several years ago, I began the process of stretching my foreskin. There was no slack at all. While erect, there was nothing to pull on at all. I began by simply stretching near the glans by pulling skin while my thumb and forefinger were wrapped around the shaft. I would do this every time I was on the porcelain appliance. Eventually I got some slack skin. While flaccid eventually I was able to pull the skin over the glans. I began putting my forefinger at the tip of the glans and pulling the skin over that. Once I was about a half inch onto the finger, I began pulling the finger away from the glans as I applied force. I did this for many years in visits to the bathroom and before sleep for as long as I could stand it or fall asleep, whichever came first. I managed to get the foreskin to the point that I could more than pull it over the glans about 1/4 inch beyond the glans now while erect. One time while skiing this past season (and you all know what happens when it gets cold) I went to the lav to find that it had retreated all by itself and looked almost like a normal one. This method has taken me a long time because of it's on and off approach.

    A few days ago I discovered this website. I read all that I could. I was amazed that someone had thought of how to do this systematically. Go figure that there would be a whole movement on this issue. I had been doing all that stretching over all this time because I wanted something back that was taken from me without my permission and now I discover that there are a lot of like minded people.

    After I read a lot, I ordered the TLC-X. I have never taken a picture of my penis before but was very determined to get the right size that I took lots of them to get the right ones to send in for correct sizing. I started to get excited about the prospect of being able to continue stretching without making it part time anymore. It took two email attempts to get Ron the correct pictures but I got it done and it immediately got shipped.

    I got it today. Of course, as soon as I got home from the Post Office, it came out of the packaging and onto the penis it went. I figured it would take me a little while to get accustomed to placing it on. The first time took forever and I made a bunch of mistakes, of course. Then I was having trouble figuring out how to get the cone on. I'm pretty thick on the tube where the skin fold is. I'm hoping based on where the device grabs the skin and how it grabs it that it will thin out a little. Someone might want to comment on that based on their experience. I have now been wearing it for about 5 hours and I'm still good with it. I've made 3 bathroom visits and the last time it went on pretty easy.

    Questions are beginning to surface. The first time that I put it on I let it dangle in my boxers and the skin slipped out some and the tension on the rubber bands slacked. I then got a pair of my Jockey spandex briefs that go almost to my knees and tried that with the shaft point horizontal. That seemed to work better. I then tried it with the shaft down again and the skin slipped out a bit again so right now the shaft is horizontal again. So the question is, with rubber band tension, what position should my shaft be in?

    After having inspected this thing pretty well and applying it a few times it seems to me that using the pusher creates tension mostly on the inner skin that is attached to the glans. So, I went on line and purchased a couple of the elastic straps figuring on using one for day and one for night so that I don't have to make adjustments to them. With the strap tension I figure that I will see some more even results on both inner and outer skin. Did I get that right?

    In closing my first post, I can't tell you how glad I was to find this website and the TLC-X. I am 59 years young and am feeling like a youngster again. I had told my wife what I was up to (after my purchase) so that she would know what to expect. She knows that I had been working at stretching the foreskin but now I'm getting a little more persistent about getting it done. She certainly has been enjoying what I have done so far. I am also looking forward to see what this practice of keeping my glans covered will mean in terms of feeling and knowing that the glans will go back to behaving like they would have if my foreskin were never removed. Thanks Ron for doing what you do.

    Dreaming big,
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