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  • be gentle with me, I'm new


    I'm a married 31 year old father of one, and have just joined this forum.

    I was circumcised aged 4 for medical reasons, and today I went to see a consultant about trying to gain some sensation and restore my foreskin.

    I am looking for advice on taping and possibly moving on to a restoration device (eventually) I was cut and left with a very neat scar and a bit of loose skin, I have a roll of 1/2" and a roll of 1" tape, can anyone recommend a good taping pattern, a duration to tape (ie; no more than 4 hours at once) and a device that I could move on to in time?

    Thanks in advance


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    I'm sure you'll get various replies, but you might also want to PM greg_b. If I remember correctly he used tape for years, so I think he might be a good resource.

    And he's the very epitome of gentlemanly gentleness


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      Welcome to the forum! Sure we all love to be gentle to others........You will have to be gentle to yourself too, domt hurt yourself. Head down to the subtopic "Taping" on the topic "Methods" there are lots of methods to try from.

      Like what Info said there is a greg_b manual to his way on taping (https://foreskinrestoration.vbulleti...ips-and-insert)

      I personally used his method for about a month.....I gave up since removing the tape is unconvienient also no matter on how careful you are micro tears developed. Maybe it's because I used micropore which is stiffer since its very paperlike. Using mefix tape is better since it's softer and for cottony. I heard many people in this forum says that taping is can achieve the fastest growth which may also apply to you.

      Try finding out your Coverage Index ( ) You need to be about CI4 for a device.

      Happy restoring and KOT !!! (Keep on Tugging!!!)
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        Thanks for your responses,

        Day 2 of cross taping and using diprobase cream (given to me by the doctor) i have noticed a little bit of an increase in sensitivity and a bit of a roll up of skin behind my glans, will KOT!


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          Good deal! You know, you probably can go right into a tapeless device. Also, don't count out manual methods, they are very effective. Check out this website . It's very informative.


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            I'm around a C2/C3 on the coverage index, I am going to research tapeless tugging devices, but I drive for a living, so comfort is a huge factor, taping didn't seem too bad today, have I got enough coverage at C2/C3 to use the likes of a tlc tugged?


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              Yeah, you can probably use a TLC X. You may have to use it without the pusher initially, but you should be able to use it. At the beginning ease into it. Your skin needs to get used to the tension. The last thing you want is skin tears of stretch marks. What do you do? Taxi? UPS? Truck?


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                For the record I dont drive anything. I do commute using the bus while tugging using the TLC X. Personally I don't think driving should be combined with tugging. Driving may need lots of concentration.......a little discomfortablity would need you to stop somewhere else........

                I think tugging while sleeping is less riskier. Just make sure you make a tension setting that is comfortable for 8 hours. That means on your holiday you may way to experiment on this. I also tug while sleeping and use so little tension (5oz). Getting a portable luggage weighter would be useful too.

                ​​​Well thats just what I think. You ought to listen to what others may have to say. I am also curios if anybody here drive while tugging too. Is it okay?


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                  I drive local and regional bus and coach services between 100~360 miles a day, and I love it. A device would have to be comfortable, and ideally strapless as I wouldn't want a conspicuous bulge in my uniform trousers, also ease of removal for a pee stop.


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                    Welcome to the board, scotsman85. We've gota great group of people here. You said you were a father of one, but didn't say if you had a son or a daughter.

                    I would hope that if you have a son, that you did keep him intact.


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                      Originally posted by TheRifleman View Post
                      I would hope that if you have a son, that you did keep him intact.
                      I kinda noticed that too was hard to bring up TheRiflemam.

                      Well scotman85 "if" you have a son and had your son get cutted make sure to inform him of circumcision and foreskin restoration when his big enough (maybe at 10). I blame my parents a little bit but I understand they were thinking for the best for me. They were just unimformed bout it and circumcision is too embeded in my comminity.

                      Well if you think tugging while driving will work then go for it. Just do exeperiments to find a right tension setting


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                        Son, and he isn't getting cut unless it's an absolute medical necessity, I was cut for medical reasons, and given the years of confidence issues and embarrassment I have had, (not to mention teasing throughout adolescence and lack of sensation through any sexual activity) I would never choose for him to be cut.

                        I have read that in some cases of circumcision in the United States, it has been so a son can match his father, in a way I think I'm doing the reverse,,,
                        Can anybody add anything to this? Is circumcision in the U.S a cultural father/son thing?


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                          Circumcision in the U.S. is the biggest medical fraud in history. People are culturally brainwashed into thinking it has health and hygiene benefits. Our doctors are taught NOTHING about the foreskin except how to cut it off. Even the so called medical reasons are totally bogus. Phimosis can be fixed without cutting. Gradually stretching the opening with a product called Phimocure, which is a series of progressives larger rings you insert into the opening, with the addition of using a steroid cream like betamethasone can speed the process. Manually stretching works too. No need to cut. So if Phimosis was YOUR.edical reason, you got sold a lemon. Sue the bastard if you can.


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                            Thanks for the response, phimosis and I'm led to believe an infection, was the reason for me losing my foreskin, I do feel wronged and bitter about it, and a new feeling has come over me of how unfair it is that I (and many other people on this forum) are having to dedicate vast amounts of time and effort to restore something that i was born with, and that everyone else has and takes for granted, yet I wasn't allowed a choice over the issue of its removal.

                            As for a lawsuit, litigation against doctors & health practices is almost unheard of in Scotland.

                            On a positive note, the consultant I saw is very interested to see my progress and wants to see me in 3 months, he has heard of foreskin restoration, but has never had a patient that was actively interested in trying, for his part, he is researching the subject


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                              Thanks for the kind words, gentlemen, and for providing links to my method.

                              One other thing I will point out is that you do not necessarily need to tug all day. I have made great progress with as little as 20 minutes twice a day, 5 days a week. further, others have experimented with that regimen with good success. so you could potentially tug just morning and evening while home, then nothing would show in your pants, nothing could distract since nothing would be there.

                              And, there is nothing magic about 20 minutes or twice a day. Other regimens may also work. So some experimentation may be beneficial in sorting out what works best for you.