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    Good job. I am glad to see that the forum has returned. I hope it does not take long for it to return to its former glory.

    Tally, aka Restoring Tally. Founder and Admin of

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    Yeah , Were Back . Well sort of. Glad to have the site back and running.


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      Glad to see things are back up and running again. Missed the forum a lot!


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        Yeah I've been wanting to check out the forum for over a month. I've never been on it in the past, but I'm happy that it's back so I can be part of the community.


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          Glad to see the forum back too. Ron gave me a preview of it when all the numbers were zero. I should have registered and logged in just to be the 1st. No matter.

          It's a shame that all of the old forum files were lost. It will take awhile to get the forum back up to speed. Hope the old members like me will return to offer their collective wisdom to those new to FR.

          BTW, I'm using the same user name as I did in the old forum.
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            Yippeee !!! It's great to see our forum back !!!

            World As Monkey Island
            I declared myself finished restoring with 3/4 erect coverage (CI-8.5) in 2005. I primarily used T-tape, strapping up and around my waist.
            I've participated in NORM meetings in San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle (RECAP), and Ann Arbor, Michigan.

            Every doubt, reservation, or concern I had about my restoration was resolved by achieving additional foreskin LENGTH.....So just KOT !


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              Hooray, we're up and running again! Thanks Ron


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                To bad all the old posts were lost.... they were a wealth of info. Glad to see the site up and running again. Will the old link be directed to this new board?? Cheers Jerry


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                  Originally posted by Jerry346 View Post
                  Will the old link be directed to this new board?
                  Yes, probably by Monday.
                  -Ron Low
                  [email protected]
                  847 414-1692 Chicago


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                    Glad to see the site, and community taking shape again! Missed the old place, and needed it a month or so ago.
                    Nothing gives like foreskin! (MetalWhere on the old board.)