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Was anyone else here seriously botched?

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  • Was anyone else here seriously botched?

    I was cut as an infant. My circumcision was seriously botched and some of my penis was destroyed and as a result I have no head. I have nothing to restore. I'm not generally in physical pain, (though erections are uncomfortable). I don't have any feeling in my penis and while I can cum I feel no pleasure (no orgasm).

    I met a two guys with similarly botched circumcisions online (on a board that has nothing specifically to do with circumcision or any similar issues) but neither get online and chat anymore. One completely disappeared on me and the other had a shrink who told him to stop talking to "strangers" on the internet so he deleted me from everywhere he added me from.

    If anyone else can relate please send me a PM. I really miss being able to talk to people in a similar situation, just knowing I'm not alone.

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    Have you thought about taking legal action about it?

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      So you have no glans? Sounds like something that you can take legal action against, not that it will make the situation better but maybe it will prevent the doctor from doing that to someone else.
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