Seeing my skin slowly roll back over my glans after a manual tugging session is encouraging, and it's getting much easier to apply the retaining cone. I am aware that it may be "uncomfortable" to tug if you retain early in the process, but I am not worried about that much, and I've seen people who start retaining at the same time as tugging. I'm taking things as I go, which is going pretty good for me so far lol .which is going pretty good for me so far lol Only upside to being a secretion machine (sweat + oil from pits, ass, inguinal, everywhere since I am a hairy person lol) is having the cone on with my skin covering 3/4 my glans for all today led to a glossy, moist glans right after removing it, which also made me super happy (although the air got rid of that quickly lol).

Step by step!