Today I'm writing a blog post and including pictures as my first formal progress update, in an attempt to more accurately map my progress and measure growth.

Recently, I began experimenting with different retention methods, primarily a rubber gasket that came off an old computer case. The reason I started using it was because it is stretchy, meaning it's easier to get around the bit of foreskin I am able to pull forward, and make a great grip. There were a couple of days where I wore it without pain for several hours at a time. I found this was easiest after I had been stretching for a short period before hands so the skin was already loose by the time I applied the ring. However, I'm still seeing a similar issue to that which I run into when I wear a device for an extended period of time or other o-rings for that matter.

While under tension I've noticed that some of my skins, possibly just inner, becomes almost inflated, as if it has filled with natural liquid from my body. If I'm using a device with any type of retainer, my skin, due to its natural thickness around the area of my circumcision scar and gene surrounding outer skin, stars to quickly loose circulation on the inside of the device. The areas under pressure can be observed through the clear retainers to lose the blood and turn a much lighter colour, whereas the parts of skin that are pulled forward farthest, and will probably end up being the point of equilibrium, are not under pressure but cannot force the blood back out underneath the cone, and as a result start to turn a darker colour. If left in this state for too long it becomes uncomfortable and the areas that turn darker retain their bubbled up appearance.

The first image I've attached is my wearing my DTR with direct air inflation for a short period of time. After removing the DTR and retention cone the skin will eventually go back to normal, at around the same speed that it goes back from its stretched out state. A similar issue occurs when using o-rings for an extended period as well. The skin that is pushed through doesn't turn dark red or purple necessarily, but will gather fluids inside and can bubble up with the folds in my foreskin, leading to the same "bubbles" that persist.

My concern is not with the bubbles, and they go away and are similar to those warned about on the order page for the DTR gripper with holes., here:

My concern is mostly with the parts that are losing circulation and turning white, which means they're not getting blood. To me this means they're also not getting the signals from the sounding skin to start growing because they're under tension, and instead will just become either damaged or thicker, exacerbating the issue. My suspicion is that the parts I'm using my not be sized correctly for my penis, because of the difference between the thickness of my glans and shaft versus the skin that surrounds it.

In terms of a progress update, I've been seeing a lot of flaccid rollover. I've noticed that my penis remains extra soft during the day, likely due to when my meds are active, and as a result I usually notice that my foreskin, specifically the inner skin, rolls over the corona of my glans and rests on its valley. This happens both when my scrotum is relaxed and when it is tensed, as it was the other day at the beach. This is the second photo I've attached.

Erect coverage and forced erect coverage have not changed substantially to when I started, and I am still able to achieve orgasm just by using the skin to rub my own penis and without the use of lube, which is always fun and much less to clean up, but I think usually leaves my foreskin a bit puffy and red, as is to be expected from working it so much.

Another observation I've made recently is that my frenulum, which remains quite intact and attached to my inner skin on the ventral side of my penis, does little to pull the foreskin up towards the head or down towards the head if the entire shaft is pulled forward, and instead crumples in on itself just like the rest of the skin. I am curious to see whether this changes after the inner skin begins to dekeratinize once it is able to do so. Still it remains quite sensitive with lots of nerve endings!

I also noticed recently that as per my suspicions my outer skin is much shorter on the dorsal side of my penis and longer on the sides and ventral side. The inner skin is longest on the ventral side of my penis, and about the same length around the sides and dorsal side. As such I'll need to focus my efforts primarily on the dorsal side of my outer skin while continuing to stretch all of my inner skin.

In terms of common places of slippage, since I started the dorsal side of my foreskin is consistently the first part to slip out, which if using a strap or tugger results in the ventral side hanging on but the sides slipping right after the dorsal side. Essentially my penis has a beard of foreskin on the ventral side but a crew cut on top, from the point of view of someone on their knees in front of my crotch.

So, despite the bag full of devices I have with me, I think for now I need to really focus on stretching the dorsal side of my foreskin, both inner and outer, while avoiding injury. My only concern with this is that manual methods require the attention of my hands, limiting my ability to get stuff done. In an effort to still be productive, my plan is to stretch manually (likely using MM1 and MM2) to stretch my dorsal skin until it hangs more uniform with the rest of my foreskin. I also anticipate this will result in more rollover, which will benefit the ventral skin as it will be able to spread out more, and improve the appearance of the overall length of my foreskin.

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This photo shows the white areas that are losing circulation within the retainer, and the darker coloured areas that become puffy after using the DTR for an extended period.

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A nice flaccid photo showing my rollover! All inner skin, but I'll take what I can get. The area underneath is most sensitive on my penis. You can also see wrinkles from bunched up outer skin which will hopefully make full rollover easier once I get to that point.