I was born in 1958 in rural Nova Scotia, Canada. My dad was uncircumcised as were most men born in that time and place. I was one of the lucky ones who retained my foreskin. Everything was normal so far as the dick part of my life went - I wore my foreskin normally that is to say, skin covering the glans. The foreskin was always over the glans when I was a boy. I didn't get to do many of the things that boys do with their dad like when their dad shows them how to piss outdoors and just the regular son/dad stuff. I did go fishing with him once with a few of his buddies and that was cool. He gave me a drink of beer and a cigarette. Male bonding in 1962. I saw his penis a couple of times as a child and I remember liking to see it and thinking that it looked nice. Each time I saw it was when the skin was in the normal - forward - position. He died when I was a kid so I lucked out on the male bonding beyond age six!

Male uncircumcised penises are for the most part skin forward until you (or someone else) pull them back for the first time. My first time was at 10 or 11 while in my bath. O.M.FuckingG! I did not like it not one damned bit! This next bit is somewhat gross. Skip the italicized bit you feel inclined. For anyone who has ever seen horse maintenance, they have to remove smeg from the horses dick from time to time because it can become problematic. Human males are the same. So, the first time your skin goes back it's pretty smeggy underneath. 'Nuff said. So, you have to remove said matter from the penis occasionally. I did not know this - not ever having seen another male penis - cut, uncut or otherwise since having seen my dads when I was like 4 or 5 years old which was 4 or 5 years prior. So, I had to pull the skin back for a second time to see what the hell was going on up in there. Ugh! Totally f*cking gross! It was like hard cheese and there was a lot of it and obviously it had been there since day one. Okay, so I'm VERY gingerly trying to remove this gross cheesy stuff with a washcloth. NO! My penis head really is TOO sensitive! It had never been outside and it took some coaxing and pleading to make that happen. I was able to gently slide the skin back while in the bath and to remove the smegma with my fingers. Luckily my skin was loose enough to enable me to retract it with no issues. There is a condition known as phimosis, where the skin opening is too small to allow the glans to pass through. In this case, it's pretty difficult to clean underneath using ordinary methods.

At around puberty and when I began to be more sexual (around when I started masturbating) and with the onset of puberty, I began wearing my foreskin back behind the crown of my penis. I used to really love the feeling of my cock head always being exposed. Like most teens, my dicks' normal state was hard and wearing the skin back made it extra sensitive. I wore the skin back for most of my puberty and into my 20's. By this period the skin on my cock head began to become somewhat keratinized. I didn't really notice until into my 30's. I did however notice that it was taking me longer to get off but I attributed this to my age. By then the skin was worn back only about half the time because it became too sensitive with the glans rubbing against my clothing. I've always gone commando or have worn boxers and this probably didn't help matters.

In my 30's and 40's I wore the skin normally - down over the cock head - but I started to notice that leg hairs were constantly getting trapped beneath the skin which was generally at half-sheathed mode and with some head exposed. I didn't change the type of underwear that I wore or didn't wear and this made things worse. I was constantly finding myself pulling leg hairs that were trapped beneath my foreskin out from underneath. It was annoying and happened enough for me to want to do something about it. I thought that if my skin were longer that the hairs would be less inclined to even get underneath in the first place.

A friend who was circumcised and who had talked to me about foreskin restoration told me that he planned on trying to tug using different methods (T-tapes and J-tapes mostly) and together we were able to come up with a device (I still have it 30 years later) that I used to pull down on my foreskin and eventually make it much longer. I don't know how many inches of coverage I've gained over the years through mechanical and manual tugging but I think it's at least three. I love tugging it and having it tugged and stuffed and docked and all of the other fun, amazing and sexy things that you can do with a natural or restored member. The included pictures are more or less before and after. First one taken some ~30 years ago and the second one taken maybe 10 years ago.

I'll look for that original tugger that I wore for so long and post a picture if anyone is interested. Thanks to everyone who was here over the years and who are helping to make many men's dreams of having skin that goes from the top to the bottom and stays there. I admire the men I've met over the years who are truly dedicated to 100% coverage of ALL men's penises! Yep, another damned INTACTIVIST, here...

I've gotten so much good information from this group over the 4 years that I've been lurking and want you all to know how much I appreciate it. Thank you for you dedication to making this a great place for men who want their foreskin back can share their stories!

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